Sharsamam began work in 1395. The work of this company is printing the highest quality photos on the ceramic tile due to the cooking of the photo in this method at a temperature of 1000 degrees (1050 degrees Celsius). These images with mineral pigments, which are predominantly oxides of silicate-dissolved metals, are digitized with excellent quality. The image is placed on a glaze layer and cooked at a temperature of 1000 degrees. The photo is stable, and the sun's rays, the acid rain of the abrasive winds have no effect on it, and the samples of the decorated tile decorated with ancient methods work the same way. Have been found in the burnt city 700 years ago.
The contact numbers are as follows:
              Mr. Shahzamani, 09131275621
              Mr. Shahzamani 09134237721
Address: Isfahan - University of Technology (Esteghlal) - Hakim Farzaneh Street - Craftsman 23 - Shah Ceram Tile Postal Code: 8415781515
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              Mr. Shahzamani 09134237721